Best Tactical Sling Bag 2021 [EDC, Reviews + Top Picks]

When you hear of sling bags, what comes to mind first? For most people, it is an easy-to-carry bag that is hung diagonally across the shoulder – a handy piece ideal for almost any kind of trip. 

Though having just a single shoulder strap, these sling bags can hold more items than your pockets but less than your regular backpacks.

In this article, we will be reviewing how to choose the best tactical sling bag that will suit your purpose.

Best Tactical Sling Bag Reviews

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Overall Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

The 5.11 Rush Moab Tactical Sling Pack is a really popular tactical sling pack made by the 5.11 - one of the most well known tactical gear brands.

The bag itself is available in 4 colors and is made from 1050D nylon material with YKK heavy duty zipper closure. The bag is lightweight yet durable and the water resistant material prevents any leaking into your bag.

The pack comes with extensive storage options and plenty of spacious compartments to keep all your belongings organized. There is also an admin panel that is designed to hold items you might need quick access to.

There is also MOLLE webbing across the front of the bag and a designated pocket for a 1.5L hydration bladder.

The 5.11 Rush Moab comes with a covert pocket at the rear for storing sidearms. This makes it ideal if you are carrying a concealed carry and need to quickly draw your weapon in an emergency situation. 

The shoulder strap can be adjusted to any length to suit your preference and is cushioned to minimize strain on your shoulder.

At an exceptional price, you know you are getting a top quality item when purchasing any gear for 5.11 and that is why the 5.11 tactical sling bag is #1 on our list.


  • Water resistant
  • MOLLE webbing
  • Large compartments and plenty of storage pockets
  • Hydration bladder pocket
  • hidden pocket for concealed carry


  • None we can think of.

The Reebow Tactical Sling Pack is another best selling sling pack. It is a great compact size complete with MOLLE webbing on the front, sides and strap that can be used easily as a day pack or an EDC bag. It is made of 600D polyester with a snap closure.

The pack has a zipped large main compartment for storing your larger items as well as the two smaller external zipped pockets. The bag is large enough to store items as big as a tablet or small laptop.

The rear of the bag has a hidden pocket for storing your concealed carry so you can quickly draw.

The rear of the bag has a snap closure hydration bladder pocket which we could easily fit a 2L bladder so we think it could even fit a 3-4L bladder as well.

The bag also has a velcro section that can hold up to 4 patches. The velcro is on top of MOLLE webbing, so if you don’t want to attach patches you can just use the MOLLE to attach any modular attachments.

In terms of comfort, the shoulder strap is adjustable and padded and was comfortable even when the bag had heavy items in it. 

It is also pretty durable and has shown little wear and damage from a lot of usage. 

All in all, this is a great choice for a small tactical sling bag for storing everyday items.


  • Very affordable 
  • Can store a small laptop or tablet
  • Top quality, durable materials
  • Compact sized bag with lots of space


  • Only goes over left shoulder

The HAOMUK Tactical sling bag is a larger capacity tactical sling bag at 20L.

It is made from tough waterproof nylon material to protect your items when out in any weather conditions. The material is high density and durable whilst still being lightweight.

The bag has an adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap, as well as a mesh back which is breathable and increases ventilation. 

As mentioned this is a larger capacity tactical sling bag and can hold anything up to 14” in size such as tablets and small laptops. It has a large main compartment and two front compartments all secured by heavy duty zippers.

The front and sides of the back have MOLLE webbing for attaching MOLLE pouches.

The bottom of the bag also has a vent design to help items dissipate heat fast. 

Overall, we found the HAOMUK tactical sling bag to be a high quality backpack that looks small to the eye but can fit so much in the various pockets. It is durable with reinforced stitching and zips and even comes with a free USA flag patch.


  • Great medium sized bag
  • Lots of storage and organizers
  • Well built
  • Can fit a small laptop


  • D-rings are plastic

The J.Carp tactical sling bag is a small sized tactical bag with MOLLE that is a great EDC bag.

It is made of 600D polyester that is durable and lightweight.

The sling pack is 12” X 9.5” X 6”. It is large enough to fit an iPad or tablet and any other gear such as a water bottle, flashlight, notebook etc. 

The bag consists of two smaller external pockets and one main internal pocket with a velcro pad. The smaller sized pockets have internal organizers and dividers to keep all your gear organized and in place.

The MOLLE and d-rings gives you the freedom to attach any additional gear to your bag.

The single strap is adjustable and comfortable and the two side straps keep the bag secure and stop it from swaying when you are active.

The J.Carp Tactical sling bag is a great choice if you are looking for a small size tactical bag to take with you when you only need small items.


  • Small sized tactical bag
  • Lots of organizers and dividers for all your gear
  • MOLLE and d-rings for customization
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Comes with free USA flag patches


The Gowara tactical sling bag is made from durable 600D polyester that is waterproof and heavy duty, whilst weighing only 2lbs.

The bag is 14” X 11.5” X 6.5” and is big enough to fit a 14” laptop, table and any other gear you need. It has two external zipped pocket and the interior main compartment.

The extensive MOLLE straps make it easy to attach any pouches and accessories to your bag. There is also a velcro pocket in the back to store a handgun for quick and easy access.

The sling bag has an adjustable and comfortable main shoulder strap and 2 mini small straps to reduce swag and keep the bag sturdy. The back padding 

The bag is reinforced with heavy duty zips and utility style cord pulls. Keep all your gear compact with the front compression system.


  • Lightweight 
  • Can fit a laptop up to 14”
  • Extensive MOLLE webbing
  • Handgun pocket 


The G4Free is a tactical sling bag made from high quality 600D material that is tough, rigid and resistant to damage. 

The bag is a great smaller sized back with a capacity of 10L that has lots of storage space and pockets. There are 3 front pockets, 2 side pockets, a back pocket for a pistol and the main compartment all secured by zippers. 

The sling bag has a pistol holster that is  easily accessed with magic sticker and keeps it held in place.

It is available in both black and tan

The shoulder strap and back of the bag are padded which makes the bag comfortable for everyday use. The switchable sling strap can also be changed to suit both left and right handers.


  • Great medium sized bag
  • Hidden compartment for CCW
  • Ambidextrous sling strap
  • MOLLE attachments
  • Durable and good quality


  • Can be small depending on your needs

The ArcEnCiel Tactical Sling bag is a non-conventional tactical bag that is 20 inches long and 7.4 inches wide. It has military style specifications and is water resistant, durable, scratch resistant and made from a breathable fabric.

The bag has 6 pockets in total. The main compartment is spacious and can fit all your larger gear. The top front pocket is great for smaller accessories like a cell phone or radion and the bottom front and side pockets can fit a tablet, laptop, umbrella or any other gear.

The open pocket is great for storing hiking poles and the back pocket is intended to store a 2.5L hydration bladder. 

The front and sides of the bag are covered with MOLLE strapping, so you can use your tactical sling bag in conjunction with any other accessories. You can further customize your bag by adding patches to the velcro at the back of the bag.

The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap that can be adjusted to any size. It is also padded to give added comfort. 


  • Bag is rectangular shape at 20 inches long
  • Has 6 main zipped pockets for lots of storage
  • MOLLE attachments
  • Good quality hardware like zippers and reinforced stitching


  • Narrow shaped bag

Best Tactical Sling Bag Buyer's Guide

What are Tactical Sling Bags?

Are they just a cross-body bag with shoulder strap and small pockets all over? There must be more to these iconic bags than meets the eye.

Tactical sling bags are small cross-body bags with a single shoulder strap and can be carried in the front or the back. The nature and size of the average tactical sling bag make it convenient to carry on most transportation modes.

Unlike the regular backpack, sling bags can be your maxi-pocket that can hold your personal items while on a flight or train trip.

Depending on the size of the bags, they can hold some or all of the following items:

  • Books
  • Smart Phones
  • Holstered gun piece
  • Notebook and pen
  • USB cables
  • Headphones
  • Earplugs (needed mostly public transportation to keep out unwanted noise)
  • Battery packs

The above list is not an exhaustive one as your choices of items might vary.

With so much going on with sling bags and the ease of carrying them and combining them with a backpack (by placing in front), these bags are just extraordinarily portable and useful at the same time.

Next, we will see who these tactical sling bags are made for and why this demographic often uses these bags.

Who are Tactical Sling Bags For?

Tactical sling bags are generally useful for day travelers, especially those that ride bikes to work, as they are lightweight and sturdy.

Military personnel, hikers, and adventurers are typical users of tactical sling bags during their trips because they are most suitable for rugged terrains and can be an excellent alternative to a backpack if you will not be carrying too many items along.

Tactical sling bags are also very fashionable, with some luxury brands selling them as they have been in vogue for some time now.

If you want to visit an amusement park too, it might be the ideal bag to go with. Everyone can rock a tactical sling bag for various purposes, as they come handy and are really cool.

How to Choose a Tactical Sling Bag

Now that you know so much about tactical sling bags, it will interest you to know that there are many designs out there with different sizes and quality.

I will take you through some of the tactical sling bags features you should consider when choosing which one to purchase.


Tactical sling bags are very versatile. Some possess double shoulder straps that help secure the bag across the chest more firmly. Most of these bags also come with many pockets on the exterior and interior, with durable zippers to complement the design.

While this may not be your utmost priority in selecting a sling bag, it does come as a guide when considered along with other attributes we will be discussing below.


The flexibility of adjusting the straps to fit your desired body size is an outstanding feature that makes this type of bag stand out. They also come with a padded cushion on the back and shoulder strap for the user’s comfort.

So, suppose you are looking to buy a tactical sling bag for your everyday journey or for walking long distances. In that case, you should consider how comfortable the bag will be over a long time – especially if it will not be empty most of the time.


A tactical sling bag’s quality is generally durable since it is built for tough and rugged terrain. However, depending on your specific use case, consideration must be taken when making your choice.

Sling bags can be made of many materials ranging from nylon to polyester, leather, and heavy canvas cloth. Although these are not the only materials used, they are the most common ones we see today.

Choosing the best quality material for your sling bag may not be as easy as it seems. How often you will be using the bag and how much load the bag will be carrying during use should guide you in your considerations.

Easy access

Sling bags are designed to replace your pockets and purses, making it easy and fast to access your gear in the bag. 

Given the way sling bags are built, it makes it very easy to bring forward when you need to access any of the pockets or the main compartment of the bag.

The shoulder strap also has a mini pocket that can serve as a cardholder for your train, bus, or ATM cards.

So when you are choosing what tactical sling bag to purchase, always keep in mind that you might need to access some items in the bag more frequently than others.


Unlike your regular backpacks, sling bags are smaller in size, and, as such, their capacity is limited. Even though there are bigger sling bags, the average size of a sling bag is such that it can only accommodate a few items at a time.

Depending on your specific need, you should consider the capacity of the tactical sling bag you want to buy before placing an order online.

The pictures on most websites may not portray the bags’ exact size, so you should take a closer look at the dimensions in the description before choosing the size that will suit your purpose.

Country manufactured

Finally, when choosing a tactical sling bag to purchase, you may want to check for the country of manufacture.

While many of these bags are manufactured in either the U.S or China, it doesn’t hurt to know what country the bag you are buying was manufactured. This may or may not have a bearing on the quality of the bag; it is all down to personal preference in the end.

Benefits of Tactical Sling Bags

Tactical sling bags hold numerous benefits for its user, and we are going to outline some of the benefits of owning a tactical sling bag below.

Whereas you may find tactical sling bags useful in numerous ways, I cannot outline all of these benefits here. So, here are my top benefits for owning a tactical sling bag.

Lightweight and durable

Most sling bags are very light and yet incredibly durable; this balance in weight and durability may have to be compromised either way – depending on your specific need. 

In any case, if you are getting a sling bag that will be frequently used, you may want to compromise on weight slightly while focusing on durability.

Freedom of movement

Having a sling bag across your shoulder frees your hands and keeps you agile when on the move. Whether you are riding a bike or walking down a busy street, you are sure to have your freedom all the way.


Sling bags are incredibly flexible in the way they are worn: front, back, or across the waist. This flexibility will suit you in any situation you find yourself, and you can easily adjust the bag to fit perfectly, thanks to the adjustable straps.


Comfortable and good organization

Tactical sling bags are great for organizing your stuff with absolute ease, considering that you have access to so many pockets and compartments that can be utilized for storing various items. 

As far as comfort is concerned, very few things will sit more comfortably on the human body than the tactical sling bag. Thanks to its cushioned shoulder strap, wearing a bag has never been more comfortable and portable. 


Tactical sling bags can serve a variety of purposes, from complex backpacks to simple purses.

These bags come in different shapes and sizes; however, no matter the size of a tactical sling bag, it is easily adjustable on the straps allowing its position on the body to be anywhere from the back to chest or even the waist. 

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I know that this has been a fascinating read, and I am confident that by now, you know what sling bags are, considerations to make while making a choice of the tactical sling bag to buy, and also what benefits you stand to get from owning one.

Now, here are my conclusions on tactical sling bags.

Tactical sling bags are versatile, durable, and comfortable, so you will be making the right choice if you are looking for an everyday classy but straightforward bag

Tactical sling bags are not a replacement for a backpack; they are smaller than most backpacks and are useful for everyday trips

Even though they are spacious and have many pockets, they can quickly become too small if you plan on going on a camping trip

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to tactical sling bags; simply follow my guide to find the tactical sling bag that suits your needs

When choosing what tactical bag to buy online, check the size in the description section as the pictures on the seller’s website might be misleading