Best Tactical Backpacks [Buying Guide + Reviews] 2021

Tactical Backpacks are a great multi-use backpack which can be used for a range of activities such as hiking, camping, traveling, fishing, hunting or by law enforcement and military personnel.

The popularity of tactical backpacks is largely due to their versatility and usefulness and the ability to have access to your items quickly if you are in an emergency situation.

Use them to quickly draw upon your gear in an instant if you are in a survival situation, and also use it in any everyday situation. You are definitely getting great value for your money in purchasing a tactical backpack.

We will review our top 12 tactical backpacks below, highlighting their top features and what sets them apart from other tactical backpacks.

Our Top 3

Overall Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

Reviewing The Best Tactical Backpack on the Market in 2021

Tactical Backpacks: At a Glance

Looking for a versatile, top quality backpack? You will want one of our best tactical backpacks.

10 Best Tactical Backpack of 2021 Reviews

  • Brand: REEBOW
  • Size: 13” X 20” X 11”
  • Weight:

The REEBOW Tactical Backpack is great for any adventure or mission you may find yourself on. It is big enough for a 3 day mission and has a capacity of 40L.

It s a great quality backpack made from high density, water resistant material with sturdy features such as a heavy duty zipper, polyester lining and rigid stitching.

The front and side compression system allows you to condense your gear in these pockets.

It has MOLLE webbing all over the backpack allows you to customize your backpack with any pouches. The backpack has lots of pockets for storage including a hydration pocket for your hydration bladder.

Everything you need for comfort including mesh back padding and adjustable shoulder straps feature in this backpack to make it breathable and comfortable.

Main Features

  • Can fit gear for up to 3 days
  • 40L capacity
  • MOLLE compatible

  • Brand: Hannibal
  • Size: 20” X 13” X 11”
  • Capacity: 36L
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs

The Hannibal Tactical Backpack is an impressive and functional tactical backpack at a really affordable price.

It comes with 2 main compartments with zipper closures that zip all the way down, as well as 2 small compartments - one in the front and one in the back made for a hydration bladder up to 3L. The front and sides of the backpack both have MOLLE webbing for attachment of tactical pouches.

Any of your equipment can fit easily into the main pockets, and it has an internal strap that can be used for a laptop or anything you want to secure. With the internal organizer in the middle compartment, all your gear has a place.

For comfort, the backpack has padded and adjustable shoulder straps and waist strap. The back also has thick mesh padding.

This backpack comes with a 2 year warranty and great customer service.

Main Features

  • 2 main pockets
  • MOLLE webbing on front and side
  • Laptop compartment
  • Internal organizer

  • Brand: Tacticon
  • Size: 10” X 13” X 19”
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs 

The 24BattlePack is a 40L tactical backpack intended for 1 to 3 day use that is made by a veteran owned company, so you can rest assured knowing you are buying a top quality backpack.

This backpack has everything you need for whatever you are doing, and is compatible with all your gear. Stand-out features include a built-in concealed carry gun holster, padded laptop compartment, a hydration bladder compartment, loop velcro for morale patches and D-rings all over the pack for attaching carabiners.

It is a waterproof bag and each pocket has fully waterproof lining. The entire backpack is very durable with double stitching and heavy duty zippers to protect all your gear inside. 

A cool feature is the ability to change the capacity of your backpack. The compression straps allow you to shrink or enlarge your backpack from 20L to 40L depending on what’s inside your bag and how long your activity is.

Main Features

  • Built-in concealed carry gun holster
  • Laptop compartment
  • Hydration bladder compartment
  • waterproof

  • Brand: 5.11
  • Size: 37L
  • Weight:

Available in a whole range of colors, and prints the 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 military backpack is one of the best and most popular tactical backpacks on the market.

Made from 1050D nylon material, the 5.11 is a durable and water resistant tactical backpack.

It has unparalleled storage capacity, with a main storage pocket and many storage pockets both internally and externally zipped pockets. Other pockets include side pockets and a hydration pocket.

MOLLE capabilities allow you to attach pouches and grab your equipment very easily. 

Other features include the side compression straps that condenses your backpack and loop panels for flap, nametap and morale patches. The grab handle and eyewear pocket also come in handy.

Main Features

  • MOLLE/SlickStick compatible webbing
  • Large main storage area
  • Side pockets, hydration pocket
  • Adjustable sternum and shoulder straps


  • Brand: ProCase
  • Size: 19.68"×11.8"×11.8“
  • Weight: 

ProCase is a great large capacity tactical backpack for a whole range of outdoor activities.

The bag is made from 600D durable material and has reinforced stitching and heavy duty zippers, giving it a top quality look and feel.

It is also water resistant.

The ProCase has a MOLLE webbing system across the whole bag, which you can attach any pouches too. 

It comes with 5 storage compartments, 2 in the front for smaller items, 2 large compartments with zipped pockets and mesh pockets and a hidden back pocket.

The large size and capacity makes it great for storing gear such as clothing, water, food or tactical gear to last you up to 3 days.

It has shoulder straps are padded and the adjustable waist strap makes it easily fit to any size, and ensures the bag doesn’t slide.

Main Features

  • 5 storage pockets
  • MOLLE system
  • 3 colors

  • Brand: Orca
  • Size: 20” x 13” x 13”
  • Weight: 

The Orca Tactical Backpack is one of the best backpacks around for storage in a lightweight, compact backpack that is designed to carry gear to last up to 3 days.

It has 2 large main compartments for your bulkier items and 2 small front compartments for your smaller gear. The main compartment has a mesh pocket and zipped pocket with an elastic strap to secure in items such as clothing.

In the back compartment you can store a hydration bladder of up to 2.5L as well as store a laptop or any other gear.

The Orca features the MOLLE system on the front and sides of the backpack and you can attach any additional MOLLE pouches and gear that you need.

There are also side compression straps secure your load and the padded shoulders and back area optimize comfort.

The Orca Tactical Backpack is top quality made from high quality material that is water resistant and scratch proof. 

Main Features

  • 2 large main pockets and 2 small pockets
  • Back compartment 
  • MOLLE system

Tasmanian Tiger Raid

  • Brand: Tasmanian Tiger Raid
  • Size: 52L
  • Weight:6.4 lbs 

The Tasmanian Tiger Raid Pack is a 52L tactical backpack that is great for any long duration activities. 

It has adaptable storage solutions with MOLLE extensive features on the front and side of the backpack, including points to specifically attach hiking poles and ice axes.

The storage options include a quick access lid pocket that can store internal documents, 2L side pouches, and gear loops and side drag handle. In main compartment it has a total capacity of 48L.

The V2 Plus Carrying System has an adjustable back length, removable rods that distribute load as well as a hip strap that stops slipping and concave back padding. It has extra wide padded shoulder straps along with rear padding make carrying a heavy pack comfortable.

The load control and compression straps allow you to condense the contents of your bag, and balance the load across the bag.

It is made from water resistant 700D Cordura fabric which can withstand harsh conditions and endure wear and tear to last a long time.

Main Features

  • Quick access lid pocket
  • Large capacity
  • Lots of storage
  • Available in 2 colors

Direct Action

  • Brand: Direct Action
  • Size: 10 X 16.5 X 5.5
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs 

This Direct Action Tactical Backpack has a 20L capacity and is designed for single day use.

The backpack has 2 zipped compartments. A main internal compartment that has a padded laptop and hydration pocket and a mesh pocket for accessories. The other zipped pocket has an internal organizer for your GPS, torch, first aid kit or any other small accessories as well as a clear pocket for any documents or maps.

There is also another front pocket to store other items so you won’t have to open your bag for quick access. 

The backpack has MOLLE on the front and sides and side pockets for storing a standard sized canteen or water bottle. 

It is made from 500 denier cordura material and is durable, water resistant and available in 12 different color and camouflage options.

In summary, the Direct Action Tactical Backpack is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts and makes for a great tactical and EDC backpack.

Main Features

  • 20L capacity
  • MOLLE on front and side
  • 2 zipped compartments
  • Internal organizer for organizing accessories

  • Brand: GZ XINXING
  • Size: 13” X 12” X 11”
  • Weight: 

The GZ XINXING is a Tactical Backpack is an exceptional backpack at an affordable price.

This backpack has a capacity of 43L, and is slightly larger than the other backpacks on this list, designed for up to 3 days use.

The bag has up to 2 main compartments as well as two small compartments in the front and  back pocket intended for a hydration bladder.

Each compartment has specific pockets to organizer gear and accessories. The large pocket has 2 laptop/tablet pockets and a mesh pocket.

There is also a MOLLE system for attaching all your own MOLLE compatible pouches.

A helpful extra feature is the waterproof rain cover that is hidden in the bottom of your backpack. Protect your gear from the rain by using this cover.

We found this backpack to be really comfortable with a mesh back and shoulder padding. It also has chest and waist straps to keep your backpack locked in place, but these can also be removed to suit your preferences.

The ventilated material also makes the backpack breathable.

Right now, the backpack comes with a 10 piece bonus accessory set including:

Water bottle pouch

USA flag patch


Hydration tube clip

Waterproof rain cover

Main Features

  • 2 main compartments
  • also 2 small compartments
  • 2 laptop/tablet pockets
  • MOLLE system
  • Rain cover

5.11 RUSH12

  • Brand: 5.11
  • Size: 
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs 

Another 5.11 tactical backpack makes our list, this time it is the RUSH12 mode, that is much smaller at 24L but still one of the best in our opinion.

The bag is made from top quality 1050 denier nylon and despite its smaller size, still has plenty of storage space. There are a total of 16 individual compartments with a large main pocket and hydration pocket. The main pocket also has internal slots for organization.

The backpack has a wrap around MOLLE and Slickstick platform and a zipped eyewear pocket.

It is also a fully adjustable backpack with an adjustable sternum strap and contoured shoulder straps to enhance comfort. 

The side compression straps also make it easy to compress your bulky gear.

Main Features

  • 16 individual compartments
  • MOLLE and slickstick systems
  • Fully adjustable
  • Smaller size for 1 day use

Best Tactical Backpack Buyer's Guide

Want to learn more about all the features that you know about before purchasing a tactical backpack?

For all of our guides, we hope to give you as much knowledge as possible, to help you make the best decision in choosing the best tactical backpack for you.

Considerations When Choosing the Best Tactical Backpack


Budget is an obvious first factor when choosing the best tactical backpack for you.

Tactical backpacks can range from affordable options, under $50 and $100, to up to $300 for the premium choices. 

The more expensive backpacks will be made from the higher quality materials and have more tactical features. Like many other tactical and survival gear, you end up getting what you pay for. That being said, you can still find some great cheap tactical backpack choices. 

We would recommend investing in a good quality tactical backpack especially if you are planning on getting a lot of use out of it, you would want to know that it is going to hold up over a long period of time. 


Getting a tactical backpack with MOLLE webbing is one of the most important features for a lot of buyers. Having MOLLE compatibility means you can attach a range of MOLLE pouches and attachments to your backpack to carry whatever gear you may need.

MOLLE is especially important if you are planning on doing a whole range of activities, as each mission requires different gear.

Say you're going hunting one weekend and on a trek the next, having a tactical backpack with MOLLE allows your backpack to carry all the gear you may need for each respective activity


A tactical backpack with ample storage, as well as internal pockets to easily organize your gear is a non-negotiable! Certain tactical backpacks have more when it comes to internal pockets, so consider what you need before purchasing.

Size of the Bag

Size is a crucial consideration. You want your bag to be right for your purposes, and not too big or too small. The regular sized one day tactical backpacks are popular, but you can also get tactical backpacks that are larger and intended for multiple day storage. These backpacks are usually in the range of 40 litres.

If you are in need of an even larger tactical backpack, one that can even last up to one week, you can find one that is around 60 litres capacity. 


Like any backpack, you will want your tactical backpack to be comfortable. Features such as adjustable straps, shoulder padding, back padding and mesh material for ventilation and breathability are all useful features to look out for which will enhance the comfortability of your tactical backpack.


Making sure that you are getting a good quality tactical backpack can save you a lot of aggravation and money in the future. It is important to understand the quality/ material lingo so that you won’t have to buy another tactical backpack if it happens to get damaged!

Material of tactical backpacks are frequently described in denier. Denier is the number that is given to describe thickness of the fabric fibres.

In short, the higher the denier the better quality and more durable the backpack will be and the longer life you will get out of it. 

Common denier counts are anything above 500 into the low 1000’s.

Wrap-up on the Best Tactical Backpack

Tactical Backpacks are great whether for law enforcement, military or everyday use.

The extensive pockets and storage options as well as MOLLE systems make them a versatile option that can be used for a variety of activities and customized to fit the gear you need.

Including different sized tactical backpacks means you can find the right size for your intentions whether that be a smaller, single day backpack such as the X or a multiple day, larger tactical backpack such as the X.

You can’t do wrong with any of the bags on our list, as we believe these are all the best tactical backpacks on the market in their own right. However if we were to recommend our personal favorites they would be the 

Happy tactical backpack shopping!

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