Best Survival Food Kits

Survival food kits have soared in popularity. When SHTF, you want to have enough food stored for you and your family to last extended periods of time. In such emergencies, you may not have access to shops, credit cards and transport. 

This is where survival food kits come in. 

They are long term bulk food storage kits. They can be purchased for different lengths of time ranging up to a year. The most common for short term kits is 3 days and 3 months for medium length kits.

Survival food kits come in a range of dietary requirements, so can be used by anyone.

Our Favorite Survival Food Company: Legacy

Legacy: we love Legacy because it is top quality survival food. It is the healthiest option on the market and its food is vegetarian, non-GMO, with no MSG or any high fructose corn syrup.

They also have delicious tasting and a wide variety of meals.

Legacy’s storage containers are by far the best too. The bucket is solid and large, and airtight.

Legacy Food Storage makes great kits for all lengths of time. The 40 day kit comes with 40 breakfasts and 80 meals for lunch and dinner. The meals are very easy to prepare. Each meal only requires water (Except the pancakes which require oil too.)

The breakfasts in this kit are: 9 grain cereal mix, maple oatmeal with brown sugar, creamy strawberry wheat and pancakes,

The lunch and dinner options are: A variety of pasta choices including: pasta with marinara sauce, pasta alfredo and primavera, mac and cheese, rotini vegetable pasta. Other options are rice and beans enchiladas, stroganoff, a broccoli and chase bake, soup, and two types of chillies.

Why Choose This Kit?

Firstly there is a lot of variety of meals so you are not eating the same thing everyday! Legacy also offers the most affordable pricing in the industry! This kit comes in at just over $300!

The packaging is very durable. All the meals come packed in individual mylar bags all in a non-GMO bucket. The oxygen absorbers in the bucket ensure that the kits last for over 25 years unopened.

The meals are also non-GMO, vegetarian as well as saturated and trans-fats free. Where a lot of other companies use a lot of salts, Legacy meals are low sodium and low fat.

This Ready Wise 120 Servings Kit is filled with 120 entrees meals (lunch and dinners) so it provides your main meals for 60 days for 1 person or 30 days for 2 people. 

Meals are kept sealed in METALLYTE pouches all packed into 1 bucket. The food pouches have a shelf life of 25 years.

To prepare meals simply add water.

Breakfast 120 Serving Premium Food Bucket By Storage

What Comes Inside?

ReadyWise have a great variety of different meals.

Meals included are: lasagne, creamy pasta and pasta alfredo, a variety of soups - chicken noodle, tomato basil, tortilla soup, stroganoff, rice and beans, mac and cheese, casserole, pot pie and teriyaki rice.

At less than $300 this is a very affordable and worthwhile purchase to give you and your family peace of mind .

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These large cans of meat are a must have for preppers! Many food storage kits that you can purchase come with limited amounts of meat. They mainly come packed with carbs which is good, but your body requires protein.

Survival Cave makes great value packs with a variety of canned meats to give your body the necessary protein to function.

Not to mention the meat is very tasty.

Mixed Meat All Natural 12 Per Box 28Oz Jumbo Canned Meat By Survival Cave Food

The meat can be used in your own meals with a carb like rice, or added to the ready meals if you already have a food storage kit.

The 12 can meat box comes with beef, chicken, pork and turkey. It is all natural - NO preservatives, fillers, hormones or chemicals. It is just meat with a pinch of salt.

The cans are so versatile. The meat can be heated up or eaten straight out of the can. It is a great source of protein to add to your food storage.

They also have a shelf life of 25 years.

Survival Cave gives you the option of purchasing 1,3,5 or 10 cases where each case has 12 individual jumbo cans. That way you can decide how long you want to be prepared for. 

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1 Month Bundle #10 Cans By Nutrient Survival

Valley Food Storage Family Emergency Kit - 4 people, 6 days

Valley Food Storage is one of the most reputable survival food kit brands. Its food is packed with nutritional value made with fruits, vegetables and proteins.

The family emergency kit has enough food to feed 4 people up to 6 days on 2000 calories per day. If eating less calories, the kit will last longer.

This kit contains breakfasts, entrees (lunch and dinner meals) as well as fruit snacks, extra vegetables and proteins (cheese and milk).

Each meal is made non-GMO with nothing artificial added and only simple ingredients.

For breakfasts it comes with:

Eggs, oatmeal (apple, maple and strawberry flavored), cream of wheat (strawberry and apple flavors) and multigrain cereal.

The entree choices include:

Chicken teriyaki, alfredo fettuccine, soups, risotto, mac and cheese, asian rice, enchilada beans and rice, mango habanero and white bean chilli and more!

The freeze dried fruits include: bananas, peach, pineapple, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, apples and

The veggies are: corn, potato, bell pepper, cauliflower, asparagus, green beans and peas. 

Then there is milk and cheese too!

The storage kit has a shelf life of 25 years.


  • Great variety of meals
  • Lots of snacks and extras
  • Non GMO

Long Term Food Storage Kits 2 or 4 months - My Food Storage

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 MyFoodStorage offers long term food storage kits for those looking to have enough food for a long period of time. Their long term lengths include 2, 4, 6 and 12 months. 

If you are new to prepping, we recommend getting the 2 month kit - it is affordable and still gives you 240 meal servings. 

Alternatively, if you are experienced or looking for a kit to feed a family, the 4 month kit for 1 person can last 4 people, 1 month. 

The servings are based upon 1500 calories per day, so this is great if you are looking for a kit to moderate calories. 

There are also no added flavors or colors in the meals.

Each meal is sealed in a mylar pouch and the food comes all in stackable containers. 

To simply prepare food all you need to do is add water and it is ready in seconds.

The meals packed in this kit include:

Breakfasts - apple oatmeal, granola, cereal

Entrees - stroganoff, lasagna, mac and cheese, pasta alfredo, soups, vegetable pasta,


  • Food ready in seconds, no heating or waiting for long periods of time
  • Each meal is 350-450 calories
  • Kits Made for Long Term prepping
  • Free Shipping


  • Limited choice
  • No snack options

Short Term Survival Food Kits

This is the ultimate short term food storage kit which comes with 36 servings - 12 breakfasts, 12 lunches and 12 dinner options.

It is packaged in a small box and is ideal for having a small backup food supply for when disaster strikes. This makes it a very portable kit that can be stored in your car trunk, in a closet or any other small space.

 Why Should You Purchase Emergency Survival Food Kits?

If the last year has taught us anything, it is that we never know what the future holds. Disaster can strike at any point. Being prepared for impending disaster can save your life.

Food is a necessity. Take the survival rule of 3’s.

You can survive 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 hours without shelter in extreme conditions, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.

This is in the worst case scenario. Having food storage is an essential. In a crisis, you body needs fuel. It needs to be fed the proper nutrition. Without enough nutrients you body will become weary and weaken. It will be more susceptible to disease and will struggle to function.

What is the Ideal Amount of Survival Food to Have?

It is known in the prepping world that you should have at least 2 weeks worth of food. In the past it was said to be 72 hours, but this simply is not enough.

Any survival food kit that has at least 2 weeks worth of food is what you should look for. Most survival food kits serving sizes are for 1 person. So a 4 week survival food kit will have enough food to last 2 people for 2 weeks,


COVID showed that a crisis led to panic buying. Thankfully, access to stores was still widely available.

People’s first instinct in a disaster is to take care of their families basic needs. 

In a more serious crisis, there is no guarantee that stores will stay open. An example would be serious natural disasters, grid down or major outages which can knock out electricity.

As soon as disaster hits, your chances to stockpile reduce significantly. Food is a scarcity that everyone is trying to get hold of.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike to prepare yourself.

Worst case scenario can mean stores will be closed for months. 

Having a comprehensive emergency food supply in your home will keep you mind at ease and prevent last minute preparations.

What to Look for in A Survival Food Kit?

The basic criteria for a survival food kit is that it has a long shelf-life, easy to prepare and has good nutritional value. 


MRE’s - or - meals ready to eat are the choice of long life food of the special forces like army, military and navy/ They are food packed into mylar bags. Whilst they don’t have an exceptional shelf life they can last up to 5 years.

Easy Preparation

Survival food kits are goods that have been freeze dried or dehydrated.

This way, it requires minimal preparation for consumption.

It usually involves adding hot water and waiting a period of time and then it is ready to eat. 

Some other survival food kits may need to be heated on a stove top or heat source.

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Campstove 2, Flexlight, Portable Grill, Kettlepot Survival Gear Combo By Biolite


Most survival food kits come in a hard plastic bucket. The individual mylar food bags are all packed inside a larger bucket.

This is important as it protects your food from pests and the elements. If there is a natural disaster like a flood having the survival food stored in these hard buckets will ensure they aren’t ruined by water exposure.

It also makes it very easy to store. The individual buckets can be stacked from floor to ceiling which can be great for saving space.

Most survival food has a long shelf life but once you unseal it, it can spoil fast. Survival food servings should be manageable so you can eat in one go without wasting any.

Price: you will be paying extra for prepackaged survival kits.

But there is a variety of prices for different kits. Our guides use comparative scales to compare different kits.

Enough Calories: the kit should have enough calories to be sufficient

Variety is also important. Nobody wants to be eating the same boring meals for days on end. 

Shelf Life: most kits will last for 25-30 years in proper storage conditions. 

Making Your Own Survival Food Kit

Size of Servings

If you have the time, making your own survival food kits can be pretty affordable, worthwhile and give you the flexibility to choose whatever food you want to keep. 

Some must have items for making your own survival food kits include:

Purchasing 5 gallon buckets with gamma seal lids - gamma seal lids can be screwed and unscrewed as many times as you please.

Then once it is sealed, the container is fully airlight.

This is a great alternative to #10 cans. Most survival food companies sell these #10 cans full of staple food items. But these can only be opened once.

Good staple items to add to your buckets include beans, powdered milk or powdered eggs.

Cost of Freeze Drying Your Own Food

Freezing your own food is another challenge. Freeze dryers are expensive and can set you back over $1000. If you are an avid prepper, this is a good investment.

But if you are just looking for food storage for your family, it is cheaper and more convenient to buy a pre=packaged survival food kit.

Along with a freeze dryer you will also have to buy the mylar bags to package foods, buckets to store the mylar bags and oxygen absorbers.

Overall, this might not be worth the hassle for most people.