Best Stun Gun and Tasers in 2021 [Buying Guide + Top Picks]

Stun guns are available in all shapes, sizes and forms, at a whole variety of price ranges with many different features. Small stun guns are the perfect option for carrying an effective self defense weapon with you anywhere you go.

This is where our best stun guns come in. We have tried and tested the best stun guns available on the market. Our team has selected the best options and devised comprehensive reviews to help you choose the best stun gun for you.

Reviewing the Top Stun Guns and the Best Tasers for the Money

Our Top 3

Overall Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

TASER is without a doubt the market leader and gold standard for stun guns and tasers, so you know you are buying quality.

The Taser+ Pulse is no exception. It is great for both close-up and distant protection. With a 15 foot shooting range you can strike your attacker whilst maintaining a safe distance. The Pulse+ sends a 30 second muscular override that lets you get away.

It is also a smart device that integrates with the aoo Noonlight. Noonlight is a safety app that connects your Taser Pulse+ to your smartphone. The app detects when your taser has been fired and will send emergency personnel to wherever you are.

What is so good about the Pulse+ is that you have the ability to practise your aim before taking it out with you. In the box there is a lithium battery that permits up to 50 practise shots and a practise target to perfect your aim. 

It also fits all of our requirements for a good stun gun or TASER. It is well built with the body made from polymer to protect the internal features and has a textured grip to maintain a firm hold. The Taser is also compact. At only 8 ounces it is extremely light and is practical for taking anywhere.

TASER also guarantees that they will replace your device free of charge if you have to use it in self-defense!


  • 15 foot shooting distance
  • Integrates with app to contact emergency services when shot
  • User friendly shape and lightweight
  • Replaced by TASER free of charge if used in an self-defense situation


  • Pricey

The Taser Strikelight combines the practicality of a high quality flashlight with a stun gun, perfect for everyday use. The ability to have a self-defense weapon disguised as an everyday item won’t attract attention to you whilst giving you the confidence knowing you are protected.

It is the perfect sized tool for a glovebox or backpack and can easily be hidden away.

Its self defense features come in 2 forms. The first being the arc warning, which you can sound to let attackers know you mean business. Most importantly, the stun capabilities which should you be attacked, the contact stun features will keep attackers at bay.

The flashlight function is 80 lumens - a very bright and powerful flashlight that is effective even in the darkest of surroundings. 

It’s battery is rechargeable and lasts for 5 hours of flashlight use and 100 5 second stun shocks on a single charge.

The TASER Strikelight is a top of the range stun gun, that won’t fail you when you need it the most. Don’t invest in a cheap model. Whilst a $20 Vipertek will do the job in the short term it won’t last.


  • Practical - flashlight and stun gun capabilities
  • Loud stun arc to scare away attackers
  • Rechargeable
  • Disguised as flashlight for discreteness


  • Over $100

This VIPERTEK stun gun is another flashlight and stun gun combination weapon.

Why Purchase?

This is a great introductory stun gun if you have never operated one before. 

The stun gun is a heavy duty weapon that delivers a painful shock to bring any attacker down. The prongs on this stun gun are able to penetrate the electric charge through heavy clothing.

Just firing this stun gun into the air to see the electric current fire between the prongs and let out an intimidating sound is enough to scare the attacker away.

Touch this stun gun to the attacker will send a high voltage shock bringing an attacker to their knees through loss of muscle control.

The stun gun also has shock plates on the sides so should the attacker try and swipe the stun gun off you, they will also get a nasty shock.

It is also rechargeable and as mentioned before is a 2-in-1 LED flashlight and taser.


  • 2-in-1 flashlight and stun gun
  • Strong shock that can go through thick clothing
  • Very affordable


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Best Professional Pick:TASERX2 Professional Series

We decided to include this pick for those looking for the cream of the crop when it comes to tasers and stun guns. 

The TASERX2 professional series is just this. It is a law enforcement standard taser that can be fitted with two cartridges should you miss the first shot. The taser has dual laser sight that displays where each probe will be shot at, so taking the guessing out and ensuring you get an accurate shot.

The technology in this taser ensures that when the probes are shot, the attacker recives the exact amount of electrical shock to incapacitate them, and the current is not hindered by clothing. 

The contact stun feature allows the taser to act too as a stun gun, so you can shock the assailant at close range without firing the taser probes. Again it has a 15 feet shooting distance.

The good thing about the TASER X2 is that it is legal to own, and carry and for most states no license is needed.

Safety features include an ambidextrous safety switch that can be turned on to prevent probes accidentally discharging. 

A bonus feature is that the Taser has an integrated flashlight to illuminate any dark environment. 


  • Professional and law enforcement grade taser
  • Powerful taser that can shoot to 15 feet
  • Load two cartridges incase you miss the target 
  • Dual LED sight that displays aim to get an accurate shot
  • Muscular control limited for 5 seconds when the enemy is shot
  • Legal to own and carry in most states


  • Expensive

As we said, many people require their stun gun to be discrete. This stun gun stick is very discrete appearing as merely a baton.

It is so powerful that firing this unit and unleashing the electric current is enough to scare off threats with the intimidating electric sound. At 18 inches in length, having this baton stun gun lets you defend yourself whilst remaining at a distance from the attacker.

It also has stun strips down the side of the baton which will shock anyone who tries to take it away from you. 

This stun gun also has an LED flashlight, great for night-time use.

Additional specifications include the rubber coating for a firm grip and a bonus holster to make carrying the baton convenient. All of the parts are of the highest quality and the baton comes with a lifetime warranty.

Don’t wait to defend yourself and get this stun gun baton at under $40 now!


  • Stun gun shaped as a baton for discrete appearance
  • Grab guard which shocks anyone who tries to take it away from you
  • 18 inch length allows you to defend yourself from afar


  • Not a small weapon

Guard Dog’s stun gun is one of the top quality stun guns on the market. 

It is a 3-in-1 flashlight, night stick and concealed stun gun with 7.5 million volts. This stun gun has no prongs that stick out, instead uses concealed and hidden prongs. 

The night stick features include 260 lumens of white light that can blind any attacker. Not only this but it can be used as a flashlight in the darkest of spaces.

The weapon is made from extremely tough aircraft grade aluminium alloy that comes with a glass breaker. This versatile stun gun turns into a heavy duty clubber that has the ability to be used as an emergency glass breaker!

Safety features include a safety switch that prevents the stun gun accidentally discharging an electric current and keep the weapon safe around children.

Guard dog also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can swap your stun gun for any other if you aren’t happy.


  • Flashlight, stun gun and nightstick in one
  • Glass breaker feature
  • Blind your attackers with white light
  • Safety switch to prevent accidental discharge


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Another discrete stun gun makes the list and this time it is a stun gun disguised as a pen!

If having the ultimate discreteness is your requirement, this is the stun gun for you. 

In the past stun gun pens have been bulky and don’t pass as normal pens. The Streetwise stun gun is the most realistic looking pen available! The appearance looks and feels exactly like a marker pen. 

For a small item, this packs a lot of power. Sometimes just firing it in the air is enough to scare an attacker away.

The stun gun features a metal clip so you can attach it to your pocket or bag and have it always at the ready. 

It has a battery indicator light to ensure you know when it needs charging. 


  • Very discrete
  • Metal clip for attaching it to you or your belongings
  • Under $20


  • No safety switch

This is an excellent great discrete stun gun for women, shaped and size exactly like lipstick that fits easily in your hand or purse.

It delivers a powerful electric shock to any attacker and the sound alone is enough to scare anyone away.  

The stun prongs are concealed at the top of the lipstick, and are strong enough to immobilize your attacker to give you enough time to escape.

Not only is this a stun gun, but it is also a multi-purpose tool too. It is complete with a powerful flashlight that can illuminate far into the distance.


  • Discrete womens stun gun
  • Powerful shock and loud electric sound
  • Flashlight capabilities


  • Cap falls off

The UZI stun gun is available in 2 different colors and is the perfect compact sized everyday stun gun that you can take anywhere.

At 1.5 million volts it is enough to debilitate and immobilize even the biggest of attackers wearing thick clothing. It also produces a loud and bright electric crackle. 

Despite its power it will not inflict permanent injury, and is safe and easy to use. 

It is the size of a box of cigarettes and can fit in your pocket comfortably. The UZI stun gun also comes with a free carrying case! 

Forget constantly changing the batteries, this stun gun is rechargeable. 


  • 1.5 million volts of power
  • Small and compact size
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Rechargeable


  • Above $50

Best Stun Gun 2021 Buyers Guide

Unfortunately dangerous situations are not uncommon these days. That is why it is always important to be equipped for the worst. There are plenty of good options for non-lethal self defense weapons that will not kill the enemy, but incapacitate them enough for you to get to safety.

This is where stun guns come in. 

Stun guns or tasers are commonly used in all states by law enforcement officers to overcome hostile people. Now more than ever they are readily available and used by civilians in an era where people are developing an artillery of self defense gear.

What is a Stun Gun?

A stun gun is a non-lethal weapon and a common alternative to handguns. They work by giving an electric shock that inflicts pain and temporarily stops muscles functioning. The injuries that the stun gun gives are not serious nor will cause permanent injury. This is due to the lower amperes of a stun gun versus a taser.

It is excellent for incapacitating assailants, immobilizing them for a period long enough for you to make a swift exit. 

For the stun gun to deliver the electric current the device must touch the person. These prongs will target the nervous system, sending the electric currents straight to the muscles with the reaction not permitting the effective use of muscles. The victim will likely lose balance and become immediately disoriented. 


TASER is basically the brand of stun gun. Unlike other stun guns which require physical contact to deliver the electric shock, a TASER sends the electric shock through probes that are attached to wires. These probes are able to send the electric shock successfully through clothing to cause interim and temporary paralysis of the attacker. 

Stun Gun vs Taser 

Stun guns are legal versions of TASERS. Tasers are illegal in pretty much all states. Even states where they are legalized, you will need to undergo a background check. Tasers are also pretty expensive and are priced at around $400. They are also far more bulkier and larger than stun guns and so are more difficult to take on the go with you.

Since TASERS deploy the electric shock through prongs that shoot out from the gun, you will need some level of aim through training. 

Stun guns are definitely the more attractive option. They are cheaper and smaller. Being small and compact makes it more than ideal for carrying around with you.

You can find stun guns available in a variety of shapes and sizes or disguised as everyday items. Stun guns can come disguised as cell phones, pens, batons or flashlights. 

Conversely it is also legal to own and use, and does not require a permit or background check.

Disadvantages of Stun Guns

Since stun guns are not the be all and end all of self defense weapons there are instances where they may be less effective. For example, if a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they naturally will have a higher pain threshold. 

A stun gun may not work well then. It may even make the perpetrator more aggressive and lash out in retaliation. 

In the event of this it is always good to have a second backup option. Carrying pepper spray is smart as this will disorient them too. 

Using a Stun Guns - Best Spots to Hit when Defending Yourself

Learning about the best regions to strike your opponent can quickly incapacitate them and bring them to their knees.

The most effective areas include striking in the neck, under the arms or above the hip.

Other areas that work well include stomach, thighs or the groin region. 

When striking, think of hitting the larger muscles groups as these are the areas with the most nerves and make the ideal region to shock.

This is because the shock disrupts communication between the muscles and brain and as so shocking larger regions will incapacite large muscles. The regions with the most nerves are also what is known as ‘nerve centers’ and so a shock here will incapacitate large regions of the body.

Areas not covered by clothing are also ideal, and clothing can provide a slight interference to the shock.

Hold the stun gun against the attacker for up to 5 seconds for best results. The longer the better especially if the person is large or they seem to be able to still fight back.

Note: if you touch the attacker whilst you are shocking them with a stun gun, the current will NOT come back to you.

First Time Use

To use the gun for the first time read the instruction manual or any information. This way you will know about the features such as the on and off button, trigger, safety switch and disable pin wrist strap.

Practise holding and gripping the gun. When you have practice holding it, you must test it. To test it: make sure your fingers and body are not near the probes. 

Now flick off the safety switch and pull the trigger. This should release an electric shock across the probes. The shock will continue as long as you are holding the trigger. When you are just testing the stun gun practise firing the shock for a few seconds at a time.

After you have tested the gun, ensure that you have switched the safety switch one and turn off the stun gun. REFRAIN from touching the electric probes for 10 minutes as they will be hot. 

Maintenance for Your Stun Gun/TASER

Most of the time if you are using your stun gun from time to time it may remain unused for months on end. You will want to intermittently test your stun gun every few months to ensure that the electric current still works effectively. Just pick the device up from time to time and hold down the trigger to ensure that it still works.

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Stun Gun


Getting a stun gun with the highest voltage possible is not necessarily what will determine the strength of the shock.

Voltage vs Amperes (Amps)

Power Source

Check out how the stun gun is powered before you purchase. These days most stun guns are rechargeable. Others are powered by replaceable  batteries. 

The batteries are important as this is what will give it the electricity that shocks the infiltrator.

Rechargeable stun guns generally will require charging once a week. The downside is if it runs out of charge when you are out and about, you have a pretty useless piece of equipment.

 Battery powered stun guns are ideal if you will be out for longer periods of time and can’t readily have access to a charging point. You can easily swap the batteries in and out of the weapon in mere seconds and have a fully powered up stun gun.

We personally recommend rechargeable stun guns. They are cheaper in the long run as you don’t have to continually buy batteries.

Size and Concealable Nature

Size is everything when purchasing a stun gun. No one wants a bulky, oversized and heavy stun gun. 

Most of the uses for these weapons are for concealed carry purposes. Smaller stun guns will have smaller batteries and most likely weaker electric shock. The larger the gun, the strong the shock but you sacrifice the concealable nature.

This comes down to personal preference of what works best for you. Most of the time you will have to make a trade-off between size and battery power and electric strength.

There are ways around concealability issues. The first option is to buy a stun gun that doesn’t look like a stun gun. You are able to find stun guns in the form of everyday objects like flashlights. 

Size will also determine how comfortable the stun gun is when held in your hand. You will not want it to be too large that it can’t fit into your hand or too small that it can slip out.

Comfort features to look for are contoured finger imprints so you can get a secure hold on your stun gun at all times.


Quality is very important with self defense gear, so this is no exception for a stun gun. Most stun guns are constructed with hard plastic or metal as the base of the gun. This is covered with a non-slip rubber coating to ensure you can get a good grip when using.

Choosing a stun gun with a practical and comfortable ergonomic design and is well built.

We highly recommend purchasing a stun gun that has a safety switch. As this is a weapon that can inflict accidental injury to you, a safety switch will ensure that you won’t shock yourself if you are not careful with it.

Safety features will guarantee that your stun gun will not give you an electric shock if it is inside your pocket.

FAQ’s About Stun Guns

How do Stun Guns Work?

As shown in the diagram a stun gun has probes in the device which is what sends the electric current to the assailant. All that is needed for stun guns to do the job is to touch the prongs to the attacker. 

TASER brand stun guns shoot electrodes of up to 20 feet which stick to the persons clothes or skin and send the shock through.

Stun guns will work through light clothing, but heavy or bulky clothing will minimize the effectiveness of the shock. 

How Long does the Stun Gun’s Shock Incapacitate a person for?

If it is possible when you are using the stun gun, try and let it make contact with the attacker for 3 seconds. A few seconds is enough for the attacker to feel the brunt of the shock.

If the stun gun only touches the person for a fraction of a second, they will likely not be incapacitated by the shock and may only jump back.

A few seconds of contact will mean the attacker will be properly incapacitated for a minimum of 5 minutes giving you plenty of time to get away.

How Much do TASERS or Stun Guns Cost?

Stun guns are affordable and you can find good options at prices under $50. On the other hand, TASERS are significantly more expensive and you could expect to pay upwards of $400 for one.

Are Stun Guns Lethal?

It is a very small instance that people have died as a result of being shocked by a stun gun. In the odd case, the person has gone into cardiac arrest as a result of a direct shock to the chest. From data collated by Amnesty International, more than 60 deaths were potentially caused by  TASER shocks from the years of 2001-2012. 

Legalities of Stun Guns in US States

Stun guns are legal for civilian use and purchase in 48 states. A few states have restrictions. In the states of Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin you are required to have a permit to own a stun gun. The states of Hawaii and Rhode Island have banned stun guns all together. It is recommended to before you purchase a TASER or stun gun you check the laws and regulations in your state. 

Safety Tips for Using Your Stun Gun

Safety is paramount so we recommend you familiarize yourself with some of these tips.

1. Understanding How it Works

Each stun gun is designed differently as to how it works. Some stun guns have switches, others have buttons. They will each also have different shapes. 

Stun guns have the electrons that work when they are physically pressed onto someone's arm.

Conclusion on the Best Stun Guns and Tasers for Civilians and Law Enforcement

Stun guns and tasers are phenomenal and must-have self-defense tools for everyone.

They immobilize and subdue an attacker without inflicting permanent damage - a good alternative to firearms.

Your safety is not always guaranteed, so it is important to have precautions should the worst happen. The strong electric current they release is enough to give you enough time to escape to safety. 

Stun guns are reusable weapons and are legal for civilian use in most US states. They are compact and can be bought disguised as various everyday items. They are very compact in size and you can purchase great options for affordable prices.

Some of the most popular picks are the VIPERTEK stun guns. VIPERTEK is known for producing some of the best and most affordable stun guns on the market. Our favorite is the Vipertek VTS 989, which we have comprehensively reviewed above.

Aside from VIPERTEK, obviously the TASER brand is extremely high quality and very reliable, but the downside is the higher price. It is worth investing in if you want to own the best self defense gear.

Even though owning a stun gun will give you viable protection, it is also worth owning pepper spray too. Besides gear, always being aware of your surroundings can help keep you safe always.