Best MOLLE Attachments 2021 [Tactical Pouches, MOLLE Pouches] Buying Guide + Reviews

So you’ve purchased your tactical backpack, now it’s time to customize it for your activities and hobbies. That is where MOLLE attachments come in. They give you the ability to personalize your backpack by adding a whole range of pockets and pouches.

MOLLE attachments attach easily to your bag and can carry a whole range of accessories for easy access.

Whether you are in law enforcement, the military or just for your hobbies, you will find MOLLE attachments and pouches make life a whole lot easier!

We have compiled a list of the best MOLLE attachments which we think will come in handy most for you. 

Our Top 3

Overall Rating: 5/5

Top 15 Best MOLLE Attachments 2021

Now we get to our list of the best MOLLE attachments and pouches available on the market in 2021. 

The WYNEX Tactical Admin Pouch is a must have admin pouch. 

It is a large (7.5” X 11” X 2.5 inch) pouch that can fit all your gear with multiple pockets and storage area to do so.

It has a specific area to store tools that is zipped and one large main compartment that zips open like a clamshell. The elastic straps allow you to secure and organize all your tools for easy access.

It also has a pocket that is large enough to fit an iPad.

A cool feature is the transparent sleeve which you can easily attach and remove as you please. Store any documents or maps in this sleeve which may come in handy if hiking or camping.

It also has every tactical feature you need such as a 

The pouch is extremely versatile and can either be attached to a tactical backpack or you can attach the pouch to a tactical harness to turn it into a chest rig.

What Buyers Have Said

Recent buyers have commented on the quality of the pouch. It is double stitch, strong and sturdy with durable yet smooth zips. 

Many have also commented on the practicality. With lots of different sized loops and pockets, MOLLE on the front, velcro for patches and elasticated tool holders there is plenty of options for storing anything you may need.


  • Spacious
  • Elastic tool holders
  • Great value for money


  • Fabric thinner than others

This EMT Pouch is a military grade tactical medical pouch with MOLLE straps to secure it to any MOLLE compatible gear like tactical vests, backpacks and belts or even in our car or on a bike. 

The pouch actually comes with a fully equipped first aid kit which has all the medical supplies you would need. Inside the pouch there are elastic straps and a spacious pocket. The pouch opens up fully with the zipper and silent cord pulls and won’t snap shut.

Made from high quality 1000D water resistant material to ensure the contents don’t get wet. The MOLLE straps are strong and allow for easy attachment.

The pouch is available in black and tan and has a sleek classic design giving in a low profile look.

Great for use by law enforcement, military and civilians looking for a helpful medical pouch for first aid needs. Must-have piece of equipment for outdoor enthusiasts.

A necessity when you own a tactical bag or belt is to have a set of attachments so you can clip your gear to the MOLLE system that is on your gear.

The BOOSTEADY kit comes with 30 attachments which gives you ample options for attaching anything you need with ease.

The kit comes with 10 D ring gear clips. These D-ring gear clips are the most practical attachments in the kit and attach to the MOLLE system to let you add equipment to your bag, vest or belt. 

The D-rings have quick licoking which allows for quick removal and addition whilst keeping your items fully secured.

D-rings can be used to attach a whole range of gear including weapons, ammunition and a whole range of other things.

It also comes with 10 web denominator elastic strings which are great for securing a hydration tube or any comms gear in a certain position that fits with your set-up. 

It can also fasten items like knives in place or manage backpack straps. The purpose is to keep things in place. 

It also comes with 10 strap management tool buckles. These are used to secure loose nylon straps or join two MOLLE pouches together.

Overall this is a really handy kit and a must have with your MOLLE gear.

In terms of essential MOLLE attachments, owning a MOLLE compatible water pouch is a definite must have.

Available in a whole range of colors and made from  1000D nylon, this water bottle pouch is lightweight, portable and durable and comes in handy no matter what you are doing.

It can fit any water bottle or thermos and have a top drawstring that can be adjusted easily with one hand. The drawstring ensures that your water bottle won’t fall out when running or navigating rough terrains. 

The MOLLE attachments allow you to easily clip it on to your tactical bag, vest or belt.

If your water bottle leaks, don’t worry/ The pouch is waterproof and the mesh bottom allows the liquid to gather there.

Owning a set of small utility MOLLE pouches is definitely necessary and the FUNANASUN pouches are the best selling set on the market.

They are available in a whole range of colors and camo to match your look, and are made from a waterproof nylon material. There is vinyl sewed onto the inside too so you don’t need to worry about moisture soaking through and damaging what’s inside.

The pouches have 2 buckle straps on the back to attach to your MOLLE gear or you can simply just carry it.

Inside the pouches there is a large main compartment and 2 internal pockets. It is great for storing any gadgets such as a phone, GPS, radios, cameras or anything else like medical supplies, ammunition or 

The pouch opens with 2 way zippers in silent cord pulls which allow for fast access to your gear.

The pouches come fully complete with D-rings and 2 carabiners to easy attach as well as metal snaps which can also be used for attachment.

Condor is one of the most reputable tactical gear brands, so where is better to get a mag pouch form.

The mag pouch holds a total of 6 magazines and allows you to have space and quick access to ammunition on your mission. Condor have utilized the open top design with bungee cords which hold your magazines tightly in place.

The pouch has 6 MOLLE straps on the rear of the pouch to keep the mag pouch held tightly to your MOLLE vest, baf or belt.

The Condor mag pouch is available for purchase in 4 different colors: black, coyote, green and tan to fit your look.

Chances are if you are in combat, you will have a weapon and will need a place to store it. 

The DYJ Tactical Pistol holster is available for both right and left hand shooters and is made from 1000D nylon, waterproof material.

The holster has two top securing straps to keep your pistol in place so it doesn't fall out and keeps it facing downwards. The rear securing strap and quick release buckle allows you to have a fast cross draw, reaching and drawing your weapon in seconds.

It fits any universal pistol size and has a front pouch for storing extra magazines.

The DYJ pouch can be attached to any tactical gear with MOLLE webbing.

It is available for purchase in black, brown and ranger green.

Storing your gear has never been easier with this tactical backpack strap pouch which is designed to hold small gear on your left or right shoulder strap.

The pouch has a big top pocket that has a quick release clip and inner hook and loop allowing you to adjust the closure flap for when you want to store bigger accessories.

The bigger pocket is great for holding gear such as cell phones, GPS, walkie talkies. The lower picket has a zipper which can hold keys or any other small gadgets. Inner elastic bands can fit a tactical knife or flashlight.

The strap also has D rings on the top and bottom to hang any extra gear you have such as a flashlight or compass. 

Best MOLLE Attachment and Pouches Buying Guide

What is MOLLE/PALS Systems?

MOLLE/PALS system stands for Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (pronounced Molly) and is a system that is made for organization and practicality for your gear.

MOLLE systems feature on tactical bags and vests and comprise different attachment points to attach any MOLLE compatible pouches or attachments.

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It is durable enough to withstand rough conditions and terrains and has proven to be reliable in whatever activity you are doing.

Common MOLLE pouches include those used to store radios, magazines, pistols, ammunition, first aid kits and a whole variety of other tools and equipment.

Ever since its invention in 1997, MOLLE has established itself in the tactical gear market as one of the most useful pieces of equipment.

Who is MOLLE Predominately Used By?

MOLLE is frequently used by law enforcement and military. It is also commonly used by many for camping, hiking and hunting as well as survivalists and preppers. It is also used in disaster preparation and relief by nurses and first responders.

What makes MOLLE so handy is how versatile it is and how many different groups of people can make use of it.

How to Choose the Right MOLLE Attachments?

The number of MOLLE attachments available on the market is already huge and growing. It is important to weigh up a number of considerations to find the right MOLLE pouches. Follow our points to ensure you get the best ones for you.


You’ll want to look at purchasing MOLLE pouches and gear that is able to endure wear and tear and not disintegrate or damage in a short period of time or when exposed to elements.

A good material to look for is high quality nylon that is strong and durable yet lightweight.

Sturdy and heavy duty zippers are also a must so your gear doesn’t fall out.

Water resistant material is also necessary. If it rains or your pouches get wet, you want to ensure that your gear inside stays dry.


Establish your price range when choosing your MOLLE gear and attachments. It is important to find a happy medium between getting value for your money whilst also ensuring top quality.

A price that seems too good to be true probably is, and very cheap tactical gear will more often than not be poor quality and won’t hold up over a long period of time. 

Size and Kind

MOLLE pouches come in different shapes and sizes so decide what is best for you before diving in and purchasing. Establish what you need to store inside and purchase accordingly.

How Many Do You Need?

Tactical backpacks and vests with MOLLE systems are covered with attachment points and so can carry a number of different pouches. How many you need all comes down to the amount of gear you want to attach externally to have quick and easy access to.

What to Look for in MOLLE Attachments and Pouches

Easy Contents Access

A quality MOLLE pouch will have a number of pockets and a compartment to store a range of accessories and tools of different sizes. Ensure it has a couple of pockets as well as elastic bands for securing. Velcro straps on the outside of the pouches also help for name tags and patches.

Quick Detachment

MOLLE pouches will most likely be carrying important gear that you’ll need to access in an instant. A crucial feature in MOLLE pouches is the ability to deploy your gear as quickly and easily as possible. 

However there is a fine line. If you are doing extreme or strenuous activities, you will be rocked and jolted so you will still want your MOLLE gear to be secure and stay put and only be released when you want.

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How to Attach MOLLE Pouches

If you are a first timer we definitely recommend checking out this great video which walks you through how to attach them with ease.

What Can I Attach MOLLE Pouches To?

MOLLE Pouches typically attach to tactical bags but can also attach to tactical vests.

Final Thoughts and Words

Finding the right MOLLE attachments is really just a process of deciding what equipment you need to keep on you.

On Amazon, you will be able to find pretty much every kind of MOLLE attachment and pouch available at really great prices.

We personally recommend it for anyone owning a good MOLLE admin pouch and a set of small MOLLE pouches and then having a set of MOLLE attachments and a MOLLE first aid EMT kit.

Any bonus MOLLE pouches such as weapon pouches for knives and pistols are also really useful to have, but come down to whether you need it.

Happy MOLLE attachment shopping!