Best Bulletproof Backpack and Inserts 2021 [Buyers Guide + Top Picks]

Finding the best bulletproof backpack can be tricky.

Bulletproof backpacks have become a popular piece of body armor and personal protection, with skyrocketing sales in recent times. Mass shooting events are sadly an occurrence in the age. Many people are therefore looking for ways to have added protection in this uncertain world.

Bulletproof backpacks are frequently used by anyone and all ages, but more recently have been bought in masses specifically for school-aged children. Parents are increasingly worried for their children's safety on a daily basis whilst at school. Bulletproof backpacks and inserts for kids have become a means of protecting children against a possible frightening situation.

Best Bulletproof Panels - Great Price and Quality

Great Backpack and Panel Bundle

Overall Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

Best Bulletproof Backpack Preview: Our Top Choice

Some other frequent users of bulletproof backpacks include people working in public offices, government officials and agency workers and high profile and net worth individuals. It can also be a good thing to own if you work in a controversial organisation or regularly attend marches or protests.

In this guide we highlight the best bulletproof backpacks that you can buy in 2020. The guide will explain what bulletproof backpacks are and how they work. We answer any other frequently asked questions and then review some of our favorite choices.

The Best Bulletproof Backpacks On the Market

We have tried and tested many different bullet proof backpacks on the market and we have listed our top choices here. We review bulletproof backpacks for kids as well as for adults, however most can be used by all ages. Our guide also include bulletproof backpack insert reviews.

We have only included bullet proof backpacks that are solely made in the USA. 100% USA made bulletproof vests must comply with far more stringent regulations. You can be assured you are purchasing armor that is compliant with these rigorous bulletproof standards.

We don’t recommend purchasing that isn’t 100% USA made, as overseas standards are more relaxed and you won’t always know if the product is fully reliable.

  • TSA Approved
  • Bulletproof Panel + Backpack Set
  • Available in many colors

This is our personal favorite bulletproof backpack bundle that we’ve tried! It is a great everyday backpack that keeps all your gear organised, with plenty of pockets and slots to hold anything you need.

The Armored Viktos backpack is also known as a 72 hour bag. It can fit all the gear you need for up to 3 days of use, with a 40L capacity.

The Perimeter 40 bag has features such as a CCW pistol holster and many magazine holders.

The bulletproof panel is custom fit for this backpack at 9x13.5 inches and is level IIIA. At only 0.22 inches thin, the panel is light and flexible - great for years of reliable use!

It has a hot pull tab that gives access to the main compartment, which has a large main pocket, a tablet pouch, seven admin slots and loop facing for hook and loop compatible accessories. 

It has side pockets for your water bottles and slots for vertical tools and implements. It also has a hydration bladder pocket and hose routing for a 3L hydration bladder.

The bag can also fit up to a 15 inch laptop.

It can be easily adjusted to your body through the adjustable shoulder straps and waist buckles.

It is comfortable with a molded back panel that allows for ventilation for the ultimate comfort rating.

This backpack is all you could ever want if you are looking for a Bulletproof backpack set that you can fit everything in. It is great for any use. At an exception price, this bag is a no-brainer - don’t wait to get your hands on this now!

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This is the ultimate bulletproof backpack for everyday use whether you're looking for a commuter bag or a great bullet proof backpack for your kids. It is both functional and protective, so what are you waiting for?!

The backpack features a lightweight, soft level IIIA bulletproof panel that is 10x17.5 inches, made from USA made Kevlar. 

There is plenty of space inside for your gear with a laptop strap that can fit up to a 15 inch laptop. It also has a zippered pocket and 4 main gear pockets. The front compartment opens easily to fit all your gear.

It is easily customizable and is able to be fitted to your size through the adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt. You can choose between 7 backpack colors and 4 panel colors to create your ultimate bulletproof backpack look.

It is TSA approved so your bag will be able to go anywhere with you! Get your hands on this awesome bulletproof backpack bundle which is perfect for friends and family and makes a great gift!

We have included this bag as it is a great large bulletproof backpack. It is suited for anyone who is looking to store a lot of equipment or one large enough to fit a rifle. Again this bag has plenty of organization and storage options. It offers a discreet look whilst being highly effective.

The backpack has a kevlar bulletproof panel which is 11x26 inches and the backpack itself is TSA approved, so it is great for traveling.

The main pocket has a laptop pocket, zipped pocket and gear slots and a loop panel for Tactigami and hook and loop accessories. It is also fitted with front compartments that open widely to easily pack your gear into.

This bullet proof backpack is the obvious choice if you are on the hunt for an XL sized bulletproof backpack that is big enough to fit plenty of gear or fit your rifle.

Premier Body Armor is one of the most trusted sellers of bulletproof equipment on the internet. Their bulletproof backpack panel inserts are no exception to this.

This bulletproof panel is designed to fit into Vert bags and is a lightweight, flexible level IIIA bulletproof panel that is easy to insert into any backpack. Just check out the video below.

It is fully tested by NIJ ballistic standards to give you and your family peace of mind whilst using this bulletproof backpack panel, and is also TSA approved so can take it anywhere you travel to!

At $200, this is an affordable choice for a reliable bulletproof backpack insert.

At under $200, the Spartan Six Backpack and the armor panel combines to give you the ultimate bulletproof backpack! It is a sleek and discreet backpack, and no one would even think that you are wearing a bulletproof backpack!

The level IIIA bulletproof armor panel fits into an armor enclosure that fits the panel in place. Just remove the velcro and slip the panel out for easy cleaning of your backpack. 

The backpack itself has lots of storage and pockets for everything you may need to store. It has a laptop pouch, 2 side water bottle pockets, a front pocket organizer. It also has a large main compartment.

At only 1lb 9 oz this bulletproof is extremely lightweight which makes it great for children and won’t weigh them down! 

It is a great practical solution for your needs and is a fantastic choice for both adults and children alike! 

6. Make Any Backpack A Bulletproof Backpack

At only $99, this is a great option if you are looking for a bulletproof backpack panel to insert into a backpack you already own. This panel is great as it will fit into pretty much any backpack, laptop case or briefcase and make it bulletproof. It has NIJ IIIA protection which blocks shots from handgun rounds including .44 magnum.

The backpack panel is 10x14 inches and is only 1.5lbs. It is a very flexible and lightweight panel and inserts very easily. It is enclosed in a polyester casing which gives the panel protection from damage that may be caused by other items in a backpack.

The bulletproof backpack panel is certified to last for 5 years. It is durable enough to be used everyday and not cause any damage.

You can wash the panel very easily by removing the outer casing and placing it is a washing machine.

Don’t wait to get your hands on this bulletproof backpack insert as it won’t last!

3. Spartan Six Backpack Body Armor Carrier

Whilst nobody wants to believe a situation like this would happen to them, many of our buyers cite that it gives them and their families greater peace of mind owning bulletproof backpacks. It gives many people reassurance and is often a case of that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Other than this, our other users find that their own bulletproof backpack says that they make a great addition to their everyday carry gear and kick your bug-out bag up a notch. 

The Make-Up of Bulletproof Backpacks - What they are made from, How they work

A bulletproof backpack is a backpack that is fitted with ballistic grade armor to give the backpack its bulletproof nature. The backpacks are able to be purchased with the bulletproof plate sewed into the bag, or with a removable aspect. The panel inserts allow you to switch in and out different grade bulletproof armor.

This makes it easier to replace the backpack armor should it get damaged. It also gives you the option to customize by adding your own bulletproof plates in.

You can also buy bulletproof backpacks that have a bulletproof ballistic plate at the front and back of the bag. This offers greater protection but will also be heavier, so just bear this in mind.

Most commonly bulletproof backpacks are made from kevlar and polyethylene. Polyethylene is the more expensive of the two, as it offers heightened protection and is more lightweight. Polyethylene is also touted for being able to stop multiple shots at the same spot. Kevlar on the other hand can only stop one on the same spot.

How they are Intended to be Used

Whilst bulletproof backpacks offer protection whilst worn, if there is ever a situation where you need to use your bulletproof backpack, it is important that you know the most effective way to utilize it.

In this illustration you can see that the bulletproof backpack in the event of gunfire should be removed from your back and used to protect your head and chest. It essentially acts as a shield whilst you seek cover.  You could also crouch behind it, should seeking cover not be possible. 

If you are intending to buy this backpack for your children, make sure that they are familiarized with this method. Therefore they know how to best protect themselves.

How these Bulletproof Backpack Inserts and Bags Protect You

Bulletproof backpacks serve to spread the energy of the bullet as it strikes the backpack. This means that there still is potential for bruising or other internal injuries as a result of blunt trauma. 

It goes without saying, but try to always keep your bulletproof backpack nearby.  It should be within reaching distance in the event of a shooting incident.

Don’t let owning a bulletproof backpack make you complacent about your safety. Still maintain caution and practise appropriate safety drills should you ever encounter an active shooting situation.

What levels of Protection do these Bulletproof Backpacks Offer?

The levels of protection of bulletproof backpacks are ranked through the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). They have designated different levels for the ability of armor to block certain gunfire calibers at a particular velocity.

The most commonly offered bulletproof backpack armor protections are of the level IIIA. 

However, something important to know is that standard IIIA bulletproof vest will not protect the wearer from AR15 or AK47 rounds.

You can see their effectiveness against protecting from a handgun versus an AR15 in this video below.

**As well as your bulletproof backpack protection other items in your bag will add extra padding. This will work to provide extra resistance and absorption of bullet energy.

Information about Level III-A Grade

IIIA grade will protect the wearer from .357 SIG and .44 Magnum bullets

Note* this armor will not protect against AK-47 or AR-15 rounds

Level IV is the most protective level protecting the user from armor piercing rounds, and as such is far heavier. These plates are hard - ceramic and steel whereas the IIIA backpack are made from panels that are softer. IV grade backpacks are also more expensive.

We recommend level IIIA bulletproof backpack armor or backpack panels as the best choice for most people.

Information about Level IV Grade

Level IV is the top grade of protection you can purchase. It is the grade level that is used by anyone under threat of heavy fire. Such users are SWAT teams. Level IV is enough the protect the wearer from AK-47 and AR-15 rounds.

As mentioned previously, you can purchase bulletproof backpacks with an interchangeable pocket. Here you can buy separate plates to add greater or reduced protection where you see fit. For greater levels of protection you can separately purchase level IV ceramic and steel plates.

These are more suitable for adults, as they are heavier than IIIA plates. 

Notes about NIJ Ratings that You Should Be Aware Of

Just keep in mind that the NIJ ratings are only tested on up to 6 bullets. For pretty much all situations this will definitely be sufficient. The bulletproof ability is weakened per shot that is absorbed as the armor weakens.

Limitations of Bulletproof Backpack Armor

It is important to know that a bulletproof backpack will not make you invincible. It is obviously also not large enough to be used to protect your whole body. In an emergency it should be used to shield your head and chest area. 

Should I Purchase an Already Assembled Bulletproof Backpack or an Bulletproof Backpack Insert?

Bulletproof Backpack Preassembled

Bulletproof Backpack Insert

We see the benefits of purchasing a bulletproof backpack that is already assembled with the panels sewn in, as well as purchasing separate added panels. 

We would definitely recommend purchasing a bulletproof backpack. Purchasing one is far more economically friendly. You are able to find a top quality bulletproof backpack at around the $200 price range which is a level IIIA grade bag. Inserts are a good addition if you already own a bulletproof backpack and can purchase more protective plates to swap in and out.  

What is the Best Choice For Kids?

In our opinion, we personally would recommend purchasing a bulletproof backpack for kids. Kids could easily remove or lose a bulletproof backpack insert. A regular backpack may not fit the bulletproof insert perfectly. In this case it won’t work effectively. A safe bet, is purchasing a pre-assembled bulletproof backpack for kids.

Purchasing bulletproof backpack inserts can be a good idea. Just be mindful that buying multiple plates and stacking them does not necessarily offer more protection. 

Another important tip for buying plates which you intend to a preowned backpack is measure your bag to size it up. Therefore the plate will be the right size and fit inside perfectly.

Bulletproof inserts are to be inserted into the back of the backpack.

Care for Bulletproof Backpacks

Bulletproof backpacks have a life span of 5 years as specified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). In order to prolong the life of your bulletproof backpack it is important to maintain a good care regime.

To clean your bulletproof backpack, only wash it once you have removed the ballistic plates

Also be mindful of leaving your backpack out in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Any damage to your backpack could reduce its ability to be effective. Consider replacing ASAP if this is the case. 

We would also advise against purchasing used bulletproof backpacks (or any gear for this reason). This is important especially without knowing how long the bulletproof gear was owned for previously.

Being attentive to the date of purchase is very important!

Final Thoughts

Now has never been a more relevant time to increase you and your family's safety, and what better way to do this than to purchase one of the best bulletproof backpacks we have reviewed in our guide. 

Whether you are buying your child a bulletproof backpack for school or buying one of these for yourself, owning one will give you daily reassurance and peace of mind. 

Best of luck choosing.